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Cubatravel, private houses in Cuba
Mr. Guillermo Puig Martínez
Personal Web Site:

Price: 25 USD daily.
¨Roomantic colonial¨ is a very wide and ventilated colonial house that occupies the first and last floor.
There are leasing 2 very wide rooms.
The first room possesses a matrimonial bed and a personal bed. It have private bathroom, with cold and hot water. It is equipped with air conditioning and roof fan.
The second room possesses a matrimonial bed, it have private bathroom with cold and hot water, and it is also equipped with air conditioning and roof fan.
Address: Amistad Street, number 178, high floor, between Neptuno and Concordia, Havana Center, Havana City.
Phone: (537) 8622330.

Owner of lodging place: Guillermo Puig Martínez.
ID number: 69062525421.
Lease License: 437/99.

Email: I look Tuesday and Thursday.
Personal Web Site:
The family is composed by 3 people and its room is in the last floor.
In the house there is a great cleaning, their common areas are very wide and it possesses big balconies with view to the street.
The house is located to 300 meters of the Central Park and of the Capitol, to 500 meters of the Chinese Neighborhood, to 700 meters of the Pier, and to 300 meters of the Old Area of the city.

Rent a room and enjoyment the Caribbean friendship!